We understand each client's business is unique and that the solution we provide must be bespoke: it must perfectly ‘fit' that business, its needs and its situation at that point in time.

Before we propose any course of action, we consider both the in-house skills and experience of the client’s team and their existing commitments.  

  • For some clients, our help might best be through us facilitating training workshops – after which they would undertake a project in-house, un-aided
  • For others it might be by our guiding and facilitating them through one or more projects – perhaps after some pre-project training
  • For yet other clients, our help might be through rapid prototyping workshops: a short series of workshops that use 'live' data and produce usable outcomes for further development by the client’s team


When a 'project' is agreed to be the best form of intervention, we do everything we can to ensure the only surprises the client might get is from the ‘findings' of that project - not from the running of it.  Therefore, before we start...

  • We get agreement on what the ‘deliverables' will be (precisely what the output of the project will be) and how we will all know for sure when the project is ‘complete' 
  • We get agreement on the size and make-up of the project team (even when it is very small), the expected project duration, and ‘who' will be responsible for ‘what'
  • We outline the tools and methods we expect to use
  • We get agreement to use regular, scheduled, project meetings (chaired by the project's sponsor) to both communicate progress and overcome any ‘road-blocks' we might encounter along the way


If you ask us to work with you...


If you ask us to work with you, some of your team will need to be part of the project team - albeit on a part-time basis.  They know your business better than anyone else.  Their involvement will help validate the data used, the assumptions made and the findings that result.  It will also help get ‘buy-in' to your project and its outcomes and increase the skill-set of those involved. 


We aim that when we leave, you will have the in-house ability (if you so choose) to run a similar project at some time in the future, on your own. 


Talk to us today about how we can work with you to help significantly improve your profits.