Profit Analytics is a niche profit improvement consultancy.  Our role is to help client businesses become more profitable and more valuable.  


We help managers identify their opportunities to quickly improve profits.  We help them use the 'numbers' in their business, in ways they currently don't, to work 'smarter' and to manage more profitably.

Our clients differ markedly in terms of size and profitability...

  • From SMEs to individual business units of larger enterprises
  • From heavily loss-making businesses to the already profitable

What they share in common is a determination to improve their profitability and a willingness to change their thinking in order to do so ... which is where we can help.


We help them use a few proven, tightly inter-linked, tools and techniques, firstly, to provide fresh insights into their business, and then, to help drive, monitor and sustain the improvement that follows.


Since our practice was founded in 2007, we've been privileged to work alongside clients in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland - helping them identify and capture opportunities for substantial profit improvement..


Talk to us today about how you might significantly improve the profits of your business.